Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Ah, the smell of French Linen.

Not sure if I actually own any but I'll take Max Benjamin's word for it. It's gorgeous French Linen Water Diffuser made my sister's living room smell like a Provencal laundrette, pretty impressive in my book.(sorry sis!) 

Max Benjamin started off as a candle company, run by two brothers Mark and David Van den Bergh, in EnnisKerry, Co. Wicklow. (Max and Ben are their 10yr old nephews, cute!) They do beautifully packaged soy candles (€28) with wonderful sounding fragrances (cassis & white jasmine, mimosa & sweet ambergrapefruit & pomelo, they even have this masculine number for a man treat) and a range of aromatic room diffusers (€35) that come in their own elegant vases. And if you can't decide on a fragrance, you can always start with their signature mini candle gift set.

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