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Hi I'm Kim Willoughby, fan of hand-crafted creations, arty bargains, custom couture, and the good stuff you stumble upon in local markets and village boutiques. I believe we have some of the most creative talent on our doorstep, producing truly beautiful pieces. This is Álainn (álainn is the Irish word for beautiful) is where I get to share and showcase all those little gems and finds I've come across, from designers and artists based in Ireland. But it's only the start. I'm currently planning a 'Meet the Maker' series, introducing you to the talented faces behind those creations and hearing some of their tips and inspirations. So watch this space for updates. 

A little about me....
I'm a Dublin based freelance graphic designer (wedding stationary, logo's, brochures, poster's...that kind of thing) and co founder of Damn Fine Print Studio, a screen printing studio which I run with Eric Greene. I am also a contributor at the Irish DailyMail, where I also write a  about Irish made products and design.

I'm an absolute sucker for a beautiful piece of design, a self confessed typography nerd, a lover of colour and clean lines, and someone who is especially drawn to artwork that shows its creator's quirky humorous side. 

Thanks for stopping by This is Álainn, hope you enjoy my discoveries and please feel free to drop me a line at kim.willoughby@gmail.com if you would like to introduce me to an amazing creation of your own or even be part of 'Meet the Maker'.

.x Kim

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  2. Lovely to find your blog Kim, look forward to following along :-)

  3. Lovely to have you! Welcome!