Tuesday, 15 May 2012


So the holliers are over - sad face but the world is a better place with my new found discovery of el 'Pintxos.  I've just come back from a tasty and sunny few days in the stunning San Sebastian in the Basque country of Northern Spain and I thought why not share some of their home grown delights with you. I honestly think it's up there in the contender list of the world's most perfect cities. It's got sunshine, hills, 3 beaches, surf, great shopping, beautiful architecture, those old narrow streets and above all Pintxos - The Basques country's version of tapas ( but way more fun) - delicious tiny tasty treats that you sample from the counter at the bar, and go best with a tiny beer in ones hand. And what's lovely is that the pixtxos culture operates on an honesty policy- you keep track of how many you've eaten and settle up when you leave.  There are pintxos bar's on every corner, some traditional while others offer more modern cuisine and half the joy is just stumbling from one to the other without a set agenda. But if you do find yourself in this gem of a place, then let me offer you one tip -  Bar Zeruko. Like an experimental foody heaven lab - yes folks the future is pintxos!

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